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  • How big is the marquee?
    In total, the Tree Marquee is 18ft (5.5m) tall, 59ft (18m) long and 46ft (14m) wide. The marquee’s modular design means it comes in two different sizes depending on what you’re after: The big one: 59ft (18m) long The little one: 39ft (12m) long
  • What’s the capacity?
    Shoulder to shoulder, the Tree Marquee can hold approximately 400 people. Below are estimate figures for an entire wedding reception – ceremony, wedding breakfast, bar, band, the works.* Once you've selected what size you would like, we provide CAD drawings of the marquee's interior so you can decide how you'd like everything positioned. The big one: up to 170 guests The little one: up to 70 guests *Because your wedding is as unique as our marquee, the size of marquee you need will depend on what you're looking to fit inside it. If you were looking to use the marquee exclusively for the wedding breakfast, the need for tables, chairs etc would require a larger marquee for the same number of guests than if you were looking to use it solely for the ceremony, for example. We can help you make a decision on size depending on your requirements.
  • What kind of wood is the marquee made from?
    Douglas fir, all grown, harvested and felled in the UK. All the wood we use is FSC certified, meaning nothing’s imported and no deforestation has occurred in the making of our marquee, ensuring there will always be forests and trees for future generations to enjoy. Douglas fir is strong, abundant and easy to work with.
  • How is it sustainable?
    As stated, all of our wood is sustainably sourced. To protect it from the elements, UV and rot, the frame is coated in Osmo Oil, which is made from 100% natural oils including linseed and thistle. The canvas is made from PVC which while synthetic, is more durable than canvas made from cotton or linen. Cotton and linen canvas loses an element of its water and fire-retardancy every time it’s cleaned, so needs replacing every year. Our canvas is waterproof and fire-resistant and can be cleaned and reused over and over. It only needs replacing every five years if cared for properly. A modular frame that splits into two sizes produces a substantially lower carbon footprint than two separate marquees, while still giving our clients choice.
  • How does the marquee go up and how does it come down?
    It takes our trained guys two days to erect the marquee and a day to disassemble it. Once the frame is assembled and grounded with metal anchors, it’s attached to pullies and ropes and then winched up using a 4x4, canvas and all. Once upright, braces are connected to secure the marquee. This all keeps working at height to a minimum.
  • How is it transported?
    Completely disassembled on a series of trailers.
  • How far do you travel?
    As part of our green initiative, we keep everything as local to our west Cornwall workshop as possible, providing hires across the county with no haulage charge. A fee of 35% is added to the hire cost for bookings outside of Cornwall.
  • Do you provide any extras?
    Our drop-down panoramic sides come as part of the package. The marquee and its extras are all fully insured by us.
  • How much does it cost to hire?
    The little one: £6,000 to hire The big one: £7,500 to hire All delivery charges are included in the cost within Cornwall. A 35% fee is added to the hire cost for bookings outside the county.
  • Do you do provide hires for festivals?
    We no longer provide hires for festivals.
  • Can we buy one of your marquees?
    We can build you your very own Tree Marquee. If you run a wedding business or structure company, or wish to start one, and are interested in our timber frame, please get in touch. On top of structures, we supply repairs, spares and training. Check out our brochure here.
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